Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Titus Tuesday

A Climbing Rhyme to celebrate my NOMSS Friend

For Titus~ by Mickey Mantle

Hey "Growly Pants" I
took a big chance and asked you to
prance on over
as my special "rover" and I
was in clover when you,
in Dogster blue, said
" I do want to say
Mickey 'okay' I'm your
friend today!" Dear Whitester Mutt
I'll tell you what ...I'm doing
a strut because I'm so
happy, you know ... so I say
"Yo" ... today is for you
and hey you're great through and through.


Marilyn MonREOW said...

My darling Mickeybear,

Awww, how precious! I'm delighted that you wrote a climbing rhyme for your NOMSS friend Titus. It's a great one, dear! It made me smile and purr, and I'm sure it will make Titus smile and purr, too -- wait, Titus won't purr; he's a woofie! He'll do the doggie equivalent of purr! *giggle* It will make him so happy.

I will miss you TERRIBLY while you are gone! **sniff** I will be thinking of you and dreaming of you every day. Or maybe you would like to teleport over and visit me while your Mom and Dad are gone? *smile*

And I wanted to tell you, dear, that I will be writing a poem for the Sweet Sixteens Family Reunion -- my brother Ben asked me to, so I felt very honored to accept. Only thing is, I'm not sure what form I should use! What do you think, dear? I value your opinion so highly, my incomparably wonderful and sweet and poetic mancat!

Love and whisker-kisses from your Kittypie!

Marilyn MonREOW said...

Oh, and I wanted to say, too... I loved the "YO" in your climbing rhyme! Emimem has some serious competition -- another white rapper!

*huge grins and giggles*

More love and whisker kisses from your Kittypie!

Rosie & Cheeto said...

Wow, yer a grate rhimer, MM! That's nice to have such a cul friend...even if it's onlie fur a day!

Marilyn MonREOW said...

My darling Mickeybear,

Oh my goodness -- what a wonderful idea you have, for me to write a 16 line poem for the Sweet Sixteen Reunion! That is simply purr-fect, darling, and that's exactly what I will do. And I will say that you, my precious Mancat, gave me the idea!

To prepare, I will study "Invictus" by William Ernest Henley. It is such a fabulous poem, isn't it, my darling?

Thank you so much, and sending a heart full of love your way, and many, many whisker-kisses!

Your ever-adoring Kittypie

The Furry Kids said...

Mick! I'm touched. That is an awesome rhyme. I'm so honored. Head on over to our blog today. I've got a special post for ya.

Your friend,

Donny and Marie and Casey said...

Awww, you are so sweet to devote a poem to your NOMSS furriend.


Daisy said...

What a great climbing rhyme you wrote for Titus. He is sure to love it!

Henry Helton said...

that is a really great poem!

Pablo said...

I LOVE climbing rhymes!!! Especially that one! Growly Pants. Ha ha ha.

michico 小芥 said...

That is a wonderful poem to Titus.
I learn so much more today, thank you.