Tuesday, August 28, 2007

An ode to Marilyn's Yamaha ... and a thought ...

Oh how I'll miss the Yamaha
But the barf must have been the last straw.
It might have destroyed the microchip
Which, we know, would have caused quite a hardship.
I picture you atop the receiver
Looking lovely and oh, so demur.
And I think to myself ..."gr-r-r ...
If not for hacking that ball of fur ...
that disturbing and distressing hairball
the Yamaha might not have taken it's curtain call."
But Marilyn, I think now with great glee ...
Perhaps they'll bring back the old JVC!


Marilyn MonREOW said...

My darling Mickeybear,

*giggle*, my wonderful sweetheart, what a precious poem! Thank you so much. It made me so happy -- I can't quit smiling as I read your masterful and charming rhyming couplets. And hee hee, wouldn't that be just wonderful if Mom and Dad would bring back the JVC!

You would have laughed to see how much fur was in the Yamaha when Mom and Dad opened it up -- (well, the barf too, oopsie...) There was enough fur to make another Whitester!

Since Mom is pretty laid back about decor, here's what she's done to keep me and Dorydoo off the Yamaha: she's moved the box off the woofer that served as our stepping/jumping platform, and she's put an old computer keyboard on top of the bookcase which was our springboard for the Yamaha. And nobody has tried to jump up there since she got all that fixed up. She'll probably wind up using the double-sided sticky-tape as a more permanent solution or perhaps Bitter Apple on the bookcase (have you heard about that? We kitties think it smells icky so we won't go around stuff that smells like it).

Beans and their scheming *grin*! But it's okay. As much as I loved lying atop the Yamaha, I understand why Mom and Dad need to keep us kitties off it now. And ohhhhhh, my purr pad is delightful, too.

Your adorable poem and your love and sweetness have comforted me greatly, my darling dear! Having you as my precious mancat is my heart's greatest joy.

Love, whisker-kisses and purrs from your adoring Kittypie

The Furry Kids said...

What happened to the Yamaha?! I do think Marilyn looked cuter on the JVC, though.


Daisy said...

That poem made me laugh! Let's see the return of the JVC!

Henry Helton said...

I heard about the Yamaha over at Marilyn's. It is sad that it has to be taken away from her now. I told her not to put up with it. That is HER Yamaha.

Angus said...

Horkin' up hairballs does do a number on electronics...And they're such nice, warm places to sleep, too.

Karen Jo said...

That's a great poem about Marilyn yakking on the Yamaha, Mickey. It's touching and funny at the same time.