Saturday, May 26, 2007

A Lento for Marilyn

Smitten am I by a Whitester
Kitten named "Dually"--she's sweet
Written are poems of devotion
Fitting I'm trying to compete!
Meow to Marilyn's wit
Meow to her creative mind
Purrs for her feline beauty
Purrs ... she is one-of-a-kind.


Anonymous said...

My darling Mickey,

****melt**** what an exquisite Lento! Thank you so much. My heart is going pitter-pat, and my whiskers are all a-quiver. And what a handsome picture of you! You are truly one of a kind, yourself, my dear.

One of these days, I'm going to write you a sonnet! *smile*

Your ever-loving,


p.s. -- I'm not getting many comments either...

Anonymous said...

Oh, another little note for you, my darling -- I'm doing something on my blog this weekend which I hope will be fun. Come see!

Love and snuggles,


Daisy said...

Lento now?!?!?!? I'm not just a dummy, I am a poetry ignoramus. I better start studying hard!

Monica said...

Hi Mickey. You and Marilyn are very talented to write so many poems for each other. I saw that you went to Pablo's blog and wanted to join the fan club. I am adding you to the memberlist. You will find the fan club pledge on our side bar. Welcome!

Monica said...

PS. Skeezix has some tips for getting more comments on his cat blog help center. Did you know that you and Jeter Harris could have different profiles so that you can comment separately? All you need to do is sign up yourself with a different email address and make your own password. Phoebe and I use different email addresses and Tracy has her own google account too.

Caesar and Princess said...

Wow poetry.
We are new to this.
You are quite a guy Mick!

Pablo said...

Wow... I never knew that such a manly mancat as yourself could write such beautiful poetry. Props to you, Mick!

Marie the Defender said...

Wow...I dunno who is the greatest feline or Marilyn....




Your protege, Donny-boy