Sunday, May 25, 2008


I helped my mom with some planting yesterday.
one row of red impatiens ... one row of white ...

I was enjoying the morning until ...

a dog named Murray stopped by.

That's it! I was finished.


Marilyn MonREOW said...

My darling Mickeybear,

Oh, what beautiful impatiens! It looks like you were a great help to your Mom this morning, with her planting. I'm sorry the doggie came by and stuck his tongue out at you. He is a very pretty woofie; alas, he could use a tutorial in etiquette.

I am feeling much better today! I have been eating very well and I'm back to my normal cuddly self. But Mom continues to notice that I eat more slowly, as though I have tooth ouchies. So she's looking forward to my tooth-cleaning. I'm not especially looking forward to going to the v.e.t., but I know I'll enjoy and appreciate the aftermath of having my tooth issues resolved.

In the meantime, Mom is feeding me extra stinky goodness, which is easier on the teeth than crunchy goodness, and how wonderful that is, because as you know, I love stinky goodness! Mom's also feeding me chicken baby food, which I love! I'm singing baby food arias in addition to my stinky goodness arias.

I would love to teleport over. You and I could snuggle amongst the impatiens and nibble on chicken baby food together! *smile*

A heart full of love and floofyloveydovey snuggles and warmest whisker kisses from Your Kittypie!

Daisy said...

Oh Murray, you wrecked Mickey's good time! That was a little bit wrong of you.

Mickey said...

The flowers are lovely,the dog is not!! I'm sorry your outing was spoiled by a woofie.You looked good in the garden though :)
((((((((((( HUGS )))))))))))))))))
Purrs Mickey

lordjaders said...

Garrrdening is much fun--I will do some too this summerrr.



Ariel said...

Beautiful flowers your a great helper.Sorry that doggie spoiled it.

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Hey, some of us are doggies - 3 to be exact - and we're nice.


Pablo said...

He really looks like a Murray. Dogs... alway know how to ruin a good time. My next door neighbourdog is the woofiest dog IN. THE. WORLD!