Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Found Poem

Ah ... Spring ... it's just around the corner.
This is what I looked like last spring.
I hope I haven't changed too much.

Mom is going to teach her students how to write a "Found Poem"
That's when they will choose words from the work of an author who they admire ...

So ...

There's nocat I admire more than Marilyn.
I borrowed her open window post and wrote this found poem:

Rainy days

turned into a gorgeous Thursday...

...a harbinger of Spring.

The windows opened,

(Ballicai love open windows)

and perching together,

sisters and brothers gazed out at the night...

...counting stars...

...and dreaming of sunny days to come.


Marilyn MonREOW said...

My darling Mickeybear,

Oh, what a lovely poem! I am *swooning*. And thank you so much -- I am ever so honored by your love and your regard for me. *purrrrrr* You are the cat I most admire, and oh, how I adore you!

And oooooh yes, another Spring together -- it was last Spring that we found each other and became sweethearts! Happy spring Sweetieversary, darling!

I want to try a Found Poem soon -- hopefully today or tomorrow!

Much love and floofy snuggles and warm and tender whisker kisses from Your Kittypie!

Marilyn MonREOW said...

p.s. -- darling dear, I love the new pictures of us you have put in your sidebar! *huge smile* and *purrrrrrrrrr*