Friday, December 28, 2007

Fantastic Friday

My brother Jeter nominated me for Fur Sibling of the Year.
It is an honor to be nominated by such a wonderful cat ... and such a sweet little brother.

Thank you Jete.
I love you.


Angus said...

It's so nice to see brofurs that really care for each other..I'm sure that Jeter couldn't do better for a brother!

Marilyn MonREOW said...

My darling Mickeybear,

How precious -- Jeter is such a sweet little brother! *big smile* MaoMao nominated Brainball instead of me, but MaoMao is fond of me, too. You and I are lucky to have siblings who care about us so much!

Much love and warm snuggles and whisker-kisses from Your Kittypie.

Jan said...

Brotherly love is special. We're glad you have it.

jan's funny farm

Ariel said...

Awww you two are so adorable :)

Boy said...

And you're such a sweet big bwother Mickey!

The Cat Realm said...

Very sweet! You are a great fur sibling - and mancat friend to Marylin also!
We want to wish you a happy New Year!
Karl and the rest of the gang

Henry Helton said...

Wow, what an honor!

Marilyn MonREOW said...

My darling Mickeybear,

I'm getting excited about the New Year's Eve party at Dr. Tweety's! *smile* I hope you'll be able to make it -- and I hope my Mom can help us blog in honor of New Year's Eve, too. Oh, those busy, busy moms of ours! Mine's working on a house declutterization project along with her writing -- it's hard work, but she's enjoying it. She and Daddy recently made some more storage space in the basement and she wants the house nice and tidy to start the New Year off right!

Much love to you darling dear, and floofsnuggles and whisker-kisses from Your Kittypie!

Jan said...

Mickey, We wish you and ALL your household a happy and comfortable new year with lots of nip and laughter. (Except the humans don't need the nip.)

jans funny farm

The Furry Kids said...

JH is one cool bro.

Happy New Year to all of you!

Marilyn MonREOW said...

My darling Mickeybear,

I sent you a kiss at midnight, dear! Did you get it? *smile*

Happy New Year, my precious, poetic Mancat!

Much love and floofysnuggle-dy-buggles and whisker-kisses from Your Kittypie!

Camie's Kitties said...

Happy New Year, Mickey.

Tiki, Tavi, Cody and Camie

The Cat Realm said...

We hope you had a great New Years party!!! Are the results out yet for the fur sibling contest??? We have to check...