Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Blue eye and green ...
You are my Kittypie!
My floofy, sweet Tennessee gal!
I'm yours!

I am
your big Mancat!
Always your "Mickeybear" ...
Your loving Whitester troubadour!
We are ...

...Pink wigged
Sonny and Cher
Two "Peaceniks" side by side
and "Trick or Treating" kitties ... we
have fun!

Red dress
Va Va Va Voom
Your Whiteness enticed me
Our friendship grew and soon we were ...

White cats
partners and friends
making each other smile
Marilyn and Mickey ... always
as one!


The Furry Kids said...

Awesome poem, dude!


The Crew said...

What a romantic devil you are, Mickey. No wonder Marilyn loves you!

Anonymous said...

Ohhhhhh, my darling Mickeybear!

What a delightful poem -- I am smiling, giggling, laughing, and my heart is glowing with love and happiness. You did a beautiful, charming job with the cinq-cinquain -- I am so impressed -- what delightful imagery, such wonderful things we have shared together -- and as ever, I am so deeply honored to be your Kittypie. Miss Peach has started a lovely meme about the treasures in our life's boxes, and you, my precious Whitester troubadour, are one of my very most precious! I love you very much. *big smile*

I will write my cinq-cinquain for you soon, my darling dear!

A heart full of love and floofsnuggles and Kittypie smiles and whisker-kisses from your Kittypie!

Henry Helton said...

You two are so sweet.

Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

Whoa! You sure know how to lure the ladies!

Anonymous said...

My darling Mickeybear,

I've almost got my cinq-cinquain done! I will tweak it a bit more, then post it tomorrow for Friday's post. *smile* I hope you will like it.

I just love yours... I am reading it yet again and swooooning and smiling. *purrrrrr*

Much love and whisker-kisses and floofy-poofy-snuggles from Your Kittypie!

Anonymous said...

That was great very romantic :)

Boy said...

Wow! You're a poet!

Karen Jo said...

You wrote a delightful cinq-cinquain for Marilyn, Mickey. The two of you are so talented and romantic.